" Adore " Macrame Toy Hammock​

Learn How To Make “Adore ”  Toy Hammock From any part of the world and gain a foundational skill set that extends to future macramé projects, from elegant plant hangers to intricate wall hangings.


This Course Is Perfect for beginners and crafting enthusiasts, combining the fundamental knot tutorials with a hands-on project to help you master the age-old craft of macramé.

Begin your journey by mastering the essential macramé knots, including the Square Knot and Double Half Hitch knot, in detailed video tutorials. Then, delve into the heart of the course – crafting your very own ‘Adore’ Toy Hammock, featuring our one-of-a-kind pattern design. Personalize your creation with your choice of colors, making it a unique & functional addition to your home decor.

Beyond creating a charming toy hammock, you’ll gain a foundational skill set that extends to future macramé projects, from elegant plant hangers to intricate wall hangings. Our course fosters creativity, allowing you to let your imagination run wild while mastering this captivating art form.

By the end of this course, you’ll not only possess a beautiful ‘Adore’ toy hammock but also the confidence and expertise to embark on more complex macramé endeavors. Join us on this artistic journey and bring your macramé visions to life!

This is a Pre-recorded course with video tutorials and step by step instructions organized in the right sequence for an easy learning experience. All videos are recorded in the highest quality and edited in Realtime for an easy learning experience.

By the end of this course, if you feel like you need to learn more about Macrame, I have the perfect Beginners Masterclass, with carefully curated contents with every details required to get started with the Art of Macrame.

Macrame Masterclass For Absolute Beginners



Hours Video Content


Created By Experienced Fiber Artist


Basic Knots & Whole Project Making Video


Any Skill Level.
No Prior Experience Required


Access To All Videos


At Your Own Pace From Anywhere


To Follow Video Tutorials


Quality Video Contents

Course Contents

Introduction To Knots

(6 Videos - 15 Mnts)
Basic Knots Used In This Project

Lets Get Making

(4 Videos - 1 Hr)
Step By Step Video Tutorial On How To Make The Toy Hammock From Start To Finish


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