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This Macrame Course For Absolute Beginners contains all the secrets and tips by Sankab Jasim – Fiber Artist and the Founder of Art & Craft Material Store - Peach Blush Shop. In this In-Depth Course You will learn all the basics and by the end of this course you will get familiar with the Type of tools and cords, planning and taking measurements for your projects, every basic knots in Macrame, and how to combine different knots to make patterns you can use in all of your projects.
Enroll now to begin exploring your creative side and enter the exciting world of macramé.

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" Adore " Macrame Toy Hammock

This Course Is Perfect for beginners and crafting enthusiasts, combining the fundamental knot tutorials with a hands-on project to help you master the age-old craft of macramé. Begin your journey by mastering the essential macramé knots, including the Square Knot and Double Half Hitch knot, in detailed video tutorials. By the end of this course, you'll not only possess a beautiful 'Adore' toy hammock but also the confidence and expertise to embark on more complex macramé endeavors. Join us on this artistic journey and bring your macramé visions to life!
Enroll now to begin crafting your 'Adore' Toy Hammock and unlock the enchanting world of macramé.

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